Will RPA be able to reform of working style?

Nowadays, It seems that many companies proceeding Reform of working styles. Off cause just improving business process is one way, recently trend is to use RPA. What is the "RPA"?
It is an abbreviation of "Robotic Process Automation".
How to use? We have occasions that to need to work repeatedly on PC. For example, the occasion that we get information from a website and copy & paste to Excel sheet. Or the occasion that we need to enter expenses to expenses settlement system for  this month from  Excel sheet . Depending task in charge, there may be people who handle more data and to input to in-house computer system is very bothersome work.

In such cases, we can correspond by to create "Robot" by RPA software. "Robot" doesn't mean so-called robot and means program for automation of operating PC. Even if you say program, you don't write code like Excel macro or Java. All of you have to do is create a program operating PC automatically…

Caution!Coronavirus is spreading!

The Pneumonia caused by a new type of Coronavirus appeared from Wuhan,China is raging. As of  Jan. 30th, died persons are 213 and infected persons are 9000 or more. In Japan, infected persons are 11. For now, It seems that mortality is less than SARS of 18 years before but spread of diffusion is much faster. Infected persons of SARS were around 8000 during 8 months, for this time Cronavirus are already exceeded 9000 persons during 1 month. Jan. 30th ,Secretary General Tedros of WHO announced emergency declaration.
Many of various speculations are spread on the internet. For example, The theory that generation source of Coronavirus is from edible snake or the theory  virus from bats, further the theory outbreak from Pathogen Research Institute in Wuhan.And also, The rumor spread Tokyo Olympic in 2020 might be canceled. But they are all just unfounded speculations.
From now on, how fast will spread all of the world, just thinking is scary. We ,as individuals, have no choice but to self…

The Onion Flowers appeared The Bauhouse in Roppongi

In Jan. 19th, The cover band of R&B named The Onion Flowers appeared The Bauhaus in Roppongi that is music club. The band that was launched by me in 2012 .Before I started this band, I have not played around 15 years. Why I thought to play again because I couldn't became to put up with myself no play, no music. But when starting activity It didn't work quite well. At the first time, there were 3 lead singer in my band. Why 3 lead singer, I wanted to imitate to style of Motown female vocal groups for example The 'Supremes' or 'Martha and the Vandellas' or etc other groups. Actually I wanted to make group with a lead singer and two choruses. But I think that singer wanting to participate to a band usually want to be a lead singer, not be a chorus part. So I couldn't find chorus members. Because it is no help for it, I thought out style of three lead singers. It type that changing the lead singer by songs. At the first It looked to go well, but by and by,…

The roots of the "Yokohama Iekei" ramen

The ramen shop “Gensen”  in Totsuka,Yokohama is located next to music club my band was appeared last Saturday.The taste is so-called the “Yokohama Iekei” that soup stock from Tonkotsu is very rich and deep taste. “Tonkotsu” is well known in Japan that means soup stock extracted from pig bone,and said originated from a ramen shop in Kurume,Kyushu.It seems that The first maker of Tonkotsu Ramen was the ramen shop in Kurume named  “Nankin-Senryo” operated with stall around 1937.It seemed that It was not like now cloudiness soup,It was clear soup.Devising white cloudy and rich soup like now was the ramen shop “San-Kyu” and the thing was  in 1947 that was after World War 2.Afterwards the Tonkotsu Ramen was spread all of Japan. The Yokohama Iekei ramen was think out by Mr.Minoru Yoshimura in 1974 who is the manager of famous ramen shop the Yoshimura-ya in Yokohama when he was long haul track driver. He have ate  various food all over Japan because he was a driver ,and one day he thought ma…

I was in charge of MC on live of my band

I was in charge of MC at the first time on live performance of my band last Saturday.Our singer and guitarist need to change tuning their guitars to Open G tuning by song,so one of vacant member need to talk something to fill the gap.I did a little well so that I imitated  MC style like singers that I active together  on my other band,but I couldn't respond to unexpected talking from audience.I understood well that skills of comedian or TV show host are what  amazing.It was very difficult for me,but I could have nice experience and I think I will be better next time.

By the way,Our performance was very good and I feel audience was quiet but they were clearly enjoying and It seemed that their inner minds were exited.Because we are adult R&R band and many of songs are calm and medium tempo.

If you like, please register our Youtube channel.

History of tomato ketchup in Japan

The first tomato ketchup manufactured and sold were made by Yosuke Shimizu who were a farmer cultivating Europe vegi in Koyasu,Yokohama in 1903 Meiji era.At that time Koyasu was like entrance of foreign information and stuff ,lively post town with  many people.Yosuke was one of farmers of the first cultivating Europe vegi that were tomato,radish,celery,etc.It is said that  beginning of Europe vegi cultivation was that the person Harukichi Tsutsumi imported various kind of vegi from America in around 1866.Afterwords Yosuke began to make tomato sauce but when the beginning It was difficult to make profit so other tomato growers gradually gave up processing  tomato industry but Yosuke had continued to study to make tomato ketchup just alone.And finally he completed to start manufacturing and selling of tomato ketchup in 1903.

Up to this point,information from the internet. This tomato ketchup is reprint version that is sold by souvenir shop called Yokohamaya-honpo in Yokohama. Mr. Maruy…

The song of my band 'The Sunset Boogie Band' was went on air internet radio broadcast

The song 'Hand In Hand' included  our 1st self produced CD  was went on air 'SKY MUSIC RADIO ANNEX' that is internet radio program  in Togane,Chiba Pref.It is strange and wonder feeling to listen ourselves original song from radio program but the female personality of program said good calm song that I was very happy.She introduced next our schedule of live performance.I hope audience of our performance are increases. Hand In Hand


20.1.15(水)放送回「SKY MUSIC RADIO ANNEX」アーカイブ

'Hatsumode' is first prayer in a shrine at new year

In Japan,the population of followers of each religion that Buddhism is 48%,Shinto is 46%,Christianity is 1.1% and other religion is 4.3%.But It is said that adding all populations by this statistic is 1.5 times the population of Japan so It might be not information correctly.
For my feeling,There are not many  people to have some religion in my Japanese friends and much more I have never met a person who have faith in Shinto.We don't much notice in urban area,if we go to rural area we can see that Buddhism is most popular in Japan.But The imperial family has been Shinto for generations.And Many of people go to the shrines and pray for new year even if people have no faith or have an other faith.It seems that It is rare case all of the world.
But so-called 'Hatsumoude'   new year praying  in shrine is life style all of Japanese rather than religious event.The other event  called 'Shichigosann'  celebrating in shrines when children are 3 or 5 or 7 years old is same …

I will have two live performance of my bands 'The Sunset Boogie Band' and 'The Onion Flowers'

I will have two live performance of my bands  this weekend so very busy.One is 'The Sunset Boogie Band' that plays original songs like American west coast rock of 70s.We will appear Jan.18th 18:00  'First Avenue Live' in Totsuka,Yokohama.If you like please listen our songs.2 songs from our CD have uploaded to YouTube.
The Road Hand In Hand The other one is cover band of R&B or soul music named 'The Onion Flowers'.We will appear Jan.19th 'Bauhouse' in Roppongi,Tokyo.This  link is our performance in 'Yokosuka Tomodachi Jazz' be held last November.If you like please watch,too.
You are the Sunshine of my Life

The ramen shop with Light taste and fashionable interior in South-Shinjyuku

This is a ramen shop that is 5 minutes to walk from JR Yoyogi Station .The shop name is named 'Nara Seimen'.This shop has three kind of taste,shoyu,shio,paitan(soup from chichen bone) and the characteristics of taste is light and elegant delicious taste ,and strong preference is selected ingredients additive-free.The noodles are unique handmade noodles and three kind of chashu on the noodles.One is a chashu made by chicken from Yamagata Pref. and one is a chashu made by pork from Miyazaki Pref. more one is  made by pork from Hokkaido. And big bamboo shoot is like fresh and looks fashionable.

But I worry that I think this kind shop is difficult to keep running.First of all,I thought very nice ingredients so it seems cost is high but price is not very expensive. Second,I think many people of ramen fun is tend to prefer strong taste so tonkotsu or strong miso taste ramen are popular than light taste ramen.Because strong taste is easy to understand characteristics of taste.So ram…

What is a 'System Engineer'?

I am a 'System Engineer' in Japan,so-called it is IT engineer.But  It seems that there are many case that word of 'System Engineer' doesn't work in U.S or other country ,they seems use the word that be able to understand the role.For example,system analyst,software engineer,application engineer,programmer,application developer,etc.It seems that system engineer in English is  designer of broadly meaning system regardless hardware or software and 'system' doesn't limit of computer system.When I know Its meaning I'm a little embarrassing to call myself   'System Engineer'.Because  I don't have such a wide and great skills.And many case 'systems engineer' in English seems to means a technician who goes to the customer site to install, set up, maintain, and repair hardware.It is called 'customer engineer' or 'service engineer' in Japan.

Nogizaka 46 and Ran Ito sang together that famous song

Needless to say,Nogizaka46 is one of most popular idol group in Japan, but female singer middle of the screen is the very Ran Ito former The Candies that is legendary idol group half century before.The Candies  was the idol group of 3 girls Ran,Su and Miki to be active in 1970s and Its popularity was amazing.However, after only six years of activities, 1978 they suddenly announced dissolution. Ran's famous line, "We want to be back ordinary girls ." is talked from generation to generation.From a certain time, the word "female idol" has come to refer to a group of dozens of girls in Japan, but in The Candies era, a group of two or three girls was generally if she was not a solo singer. This is thought to be modeled after the women's group in Motown.In fact, many of the songs at that time were influenced by Motown.And at that time the back band of The Candies was known that playing was high quality and technique.The song she sang with Nogizaka46 on New Year&…

My original dishes with Japanese sake lees

I don't know various kind of recipe and I can't cook very well,but I like to cook my own way.Don't imagine strange dishes!I try to cook delicious in my own way every time.
Today's dish is 'Kasu-jiru' that is miso and sake lees soup with vegi and other stuff.I don't know whether to use sake lees in recipe of other country but It is often used ingredient in Japan.It warms your body and is also said to be effective for beauty.And ordinary Kasu-jiru use fish,but today I use chicken.So soup stock is also Chinese chicken soup stock.

The following is the recipe.
sake lee as needed
miso as needed
chicken as needed
potato as needed
konjak as needed
tofu as needed

1.Enter all stuff in a pot with needed water.
2.Boil for the needed time.
That is all.

East Ikebukuro is like a fierce battlefield for ramen shops

After English lesson in Ikebukuro,I went to hava a lunch to famous ramen shop 'Menya Hanada'.The ramen shop is popular shop in ikebukuro with miso taste ramen.I reached the shop,customers made a waiting line.I bought a food voucher and I got in line most behind.I was waiting around 30 min,at last I could enter the shop and I sat down.After about 5 min Its looks good ramen served!Lots of vegi , chashu and half boiled egg with rich miso soup and thick noodles.Taste is very rich but not too salty.I understood why this shop is very popular.Very tasty.
I watched waiting line in front of some ramen shops.I heard this area is like a fierce battlefield for ramen shops eminent of Tokyo.

New Year's first rehearsal for my band

I play the bass guitar and for now, I play in three bands.Today's rehearsal,'The Sunset Boogie Band' is one of them,is new year's first rehearsal.This band plays original song like west coast American rock or like country rock.Some songs are reminiscent of  The Rolling Stones.Last year,we have recordings 4 songs and released our first Self-produced CD.After rehearsal,we talked about this year's goal among members.We will have recordings next CD's song this year,too.Next our live performance will be held 18th Jan at The First Avenue Live in Totsuka,Yokohama.

I will need to file Tax Return in Japan called 'Kakuteishinkoku' by Mar.15th

I have been a freelance computer programmer since 4 years before,so I need to file Tax return myself.I hear all workers have to file Tax return in America.In Japan,For a company employee,The company deducts employee's salary and company pays the tax.I didn't care about tax at all when I was a company employee,To prepare Tax return is a very cumbersome task.I have to enter 1 year expenses into accounting software.I finally finished entering my commutation and train expenses when Jan.3rd.

Fantastic Mt.Fuji seen from Shoji Lake

I went to Fuji 5 Lakes that is a famous tourist spot in Japan where you can see Mt.Fuji.I took this picture around 5 pm when the sunset.Fuji shape was reflected on surface of the lake.What a fantastic!It is called 'SakasaFuji' in Japan.
I hear there are many famous view point of 'DiamondFuji' around Yamanaka Lake one of Fuji 5 Lakes.'DiamondFuji' is seen that top of Mt.Fuji and sun overlapped.If I will have a chance I want to take pictures.

I went to Yamanaka Lake near Mt.Fuji Jan.1st 2020

I went to Yamanaka Lake Jan. 1st 2020.At first I went to hot spring of The hotel Mt.Fuji.The hot spring was a little lukewarm but I could watch Mt.Fuji very near.I wished a little cloud has cleaned up.After hot spring I went to have a lunch to lakeside Houtou shop.Houtou is said to have been handed down from China during the Nara and Heian period that is from around 800 years to 1300 years before.It is like Udon and a little thicker noodle than Udon.It features a soup with miso and pumpkin.Makuranososhi is Japanese old essay written by Seishonagon more than 1000 years ago,Houtou is appeared in her essay.And Houtou was used in camp meal by Japanese Sengoku warrior Shingen Takeda.